I own a venue

Please, refer to Owners

Adding venues you know

This is the best way you can contribute with Metal Travel Guide, as we need the collaboration of our own users to maintain venues updated.

If you want to add places you know from your city, simply log in (we require this to avoid massive spam) and click the Add button at the menu. Don't worry if your city is not listed, we review each submission carefully to keep data curated, so if your city is not listed yet, we'll create it.

In case you want to suggest a modification, search for the desired bar to be modified, click the button Suggest a change, and click submit.

Finally, if you want to inform that a venue has been closed, click the Suggest a change button, and choose "Mark as closed".

Something else?

If you want to suggest ideas or collaborate in some other way, feel free to contact us and submit your ideas.