The Black Lodge

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bul. Stamboliiski 34, Sofia, Sofia, Bulgaria


Metal Bar that plays Thrash, Death Metal and True Metal, with trippy decor and friendly staff.

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2 Dec. 2011, 00:12


This place is the real deal. Awesome staff, drinks were cheap, and metal pouring out of the speakers all night. Check their site for one of their themed nights. I happened to go on Power Metal Night and had a blast.


13 Jan. 2011, 00:01

Nice :)

This is the place to go to if you want a real metal place in Sofia especially if you are into extreme stuff. I personally hang out at all the possible places, but this is the one I visit the most often. It's simply my favourite one, because of the music they play, the atmosphere and the people that go there.


26 Aug. 2010, 00:08

the metal bar of sofia

only pure fuckin' metal!

5 Feb. 2009, 00:02

the metal bar of sofia

Named after the famous fictional place of the cult TV serial Twin Peaks, the club is brand new and the only metal club in Sofia! In front of the club there’s a big red diabolical sign which you can't miss. Downstairs you will find a rather crowded, smoky place, divided into four parts. The rooms are in dark grey and black, with tattoo designs painted on the walls, all in the spirit of the classic heavy metal atmosphere, done professionally and with style. Prices are reasonable and you can be sure, that there will be no degenerates, who come here just to get drunk, but real fans of metal music. If that’s you – this is your lodge. Obey !