Welcome to the Metal Travel Guide blog

Hello everyone and welcome to the Metal Travel Guide blog.

This is Hugo, one of the admins of MTG and a proud metalhead since more than 20 years ago. I’m also the one who

Why starting a blog now? This new project is part of the MTG site that will try to complement the site, as it allows other metal fans travelling around the world to know venues where they can have a drink or meet other people with at least one interest in common. However, besides a venue description and the reviews of other users, and of course a map showing where to find these places, no other useful information can be found so far.

So, who’s writing entries here?
Anyone interested. We have set up a new page with a few tips to contribute in our site. So, maybe you don’t want to add new places or modify information, as you find they are all listed here, but you want to make some suggestions to others visiting your town, not only metal related but also as a guide for the best places to visit or that good ones that only few know.
Or maybe you’ve been in a live fest and you want to write a long review of the experience, and giving some advice for the next year. This year, we are focusing on live events and festivals, so that would fit perfectly.
And of course, if you want to write and promote your work (you’re a bar/club owner, you organize a life fest, you recently released an album, etc.), you can do it in your introduction, in your signature or wherever you want in your entry. Of course we recommend you to be subtle, as nobody likes spam, but this could be a good way to gain more visibility.
Those, and more, are welcome. And if you’re interested, you’re more than welcome. Just contact us and we will provide you a user to start writing.
Our only requirement is that the entry should be related to metal and to travel. Anyway, if you want to write about certain topic but you’re not sure, contact us and we can discuss if it could fit.

Finally, how often we will post new entries?
Well, it will entirely depend on how much collaboration we get, but at least we are posting at least once a month. If there are so many people interested in this project, we will post more often. But our main goal with this will be to give quality content that will be useful or entertaining for rock & metal fans and for travellers.

Happy to see that you have arrived so far in this text. Welcome, and enjoy the ride.

Metal Travel Guide admin