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My first post in the blog that we started this year. I’m explaining you a short visit to Copenhagen, a city that needs no introduction, it is one of the most visited cities around the world by travelers. Also, here takes place the Copenhell metal festival and other metal festivals announced around the city.

Copenhell poster
Copenhell poster
Metallöpen Death Metal
Metallöpen Death Metal
Kill Town Death Fest
Kill Town Death Fest

This is a small city in comparison to other capital cities, so you can visit in a few days. It is ideal for a weekend or for a short holiday trip. If you want to hire a bicycle it will be ideal, as some places like the Mermaid are a bit far from anything else. However, if you like to walk a lot, like me, you can see the city without any problem in a three/four days trip.

The Internet is full of good resources to search for information to prepare your travel, so instead of boring you with detailed information of what I did or what I recommend, I’m going to put here some good resources to allow you select what to see, a list of things and places that are a must (in my opinion, of course), and finally the route I followed, finishing with the metal bars I visited, with special comments to the bars I visited.


As I said, take this as a must-see places that I recommend. There are many other places that you may like, as the Tivoli gardens or the Rundetårn.

Besides the usual suspects (Google, TripAdvisor…) I recommend you to visit these sites to get ideas.

So, here comes my itinerary.

Let’s start the trip.

Day 1

After arriving to the train station and going to my hotel (the 66 Guldsmeden) to leave the luggage, the first thing that I did is going straight to the City hall square, where you can see the City hall (pretty obvious, right?). If you follow this same route you’ll pass in front of the Tivoli gardens.

From Rådhuspladsen, at right, you have 2 museums, the Nationalmuseet and the Københavns Museum, and really near them, in the Christiansborg’s palace, another 3 museums (Krigsmuseet, Thorvaldsens Museum and Dansk Jødisk Museum). As my visit to the city was short I didn’t enter any museum, but if you have time, Copenhagen offers a really good cultural offer. Not to mention that these 5 are not the only museums in the city.
So I left the square on the same direction that I used to arrive here to find the Indre By (the inner city). After having a few rounds throught there, you can point to Nyhavn, that port that you have seen on pictures for sure but that visiting is a must.

Now I crossed it southeast to turn right at the end and head to the Little mermaid location. This walk was a bit long, but nice as I was discovering the city. It allowed me to discover the Amaliehaven, a long garden from which you have a good view of the Amalienborg and the Frederiks kirke.

Then, following this route, you would arrive to the Kastellet, the old fortress of the city. By walking this road I was able to find the St Alban’s Church and the Royal pavilions. More walking, discovering the Langelinie Park and finally the Little mermaid statue was in front of me. I guess it was the cold weather and the rainy day that make arriving there a bit long, so after having a few pics at it we decided to go back to the inner city, have a warm coffee somewhere and prepare for the next day. The first stop was Cafe Oscar, which is a warm and fancy place, and given that it was starting to rain and the wind was freezing it was offering what I needed at that moment. Not a metal place, by the way, but warm.

Day 2

This day was a bit of going round and round Copenhagen. Having breakfast, visiting Vesterbro neighborhood, going by walk to the Solbjerg park cemetary, which is near the Frederiksberg Gardens, following by another long walk to Nørrebro to visit this part of the town, where I entered the Assistens Kirkegård. 2 cemeteries in one day, this does not mean that I like to visit cemeteries, but here they are more parks than creepy places where people go to mourn, or at least I got that feeling.

At the evening more walking, this time crossing a bridge placed in the middle of the three lakes and visiting Ørsteds Park, The Botanisk Have / Palmehuset (pretty hot inside there, a lot of humidity!), the Rosenborg castle and the Kongens Have (royal gardens), and a bit more of walking through all this area to end again at the city center.

After this day I visited the Voodo Lounge. A bit hard to find if you’re not used to search for places underground, you have to go down some stairs to enter this place.
Nice place to have some beers. Not a lot of people inside, but it was early at night when I visited it, so I guess that later it got more crowded. Good variety of music, nothing softer than Iron Maiden, and as far as I remember, some melodic death metal… Also nothing extreme though, but all the feeling of being in a metal place. Worth visiting it!

Day 3

I started this day going to Conditori La Glace. If you like cakes and/or coffee this is a must-go place. They are all delicious. I had this place on my mind since I started planning my travel, and it’s worth it.

After having a good breakfast, I spent this day going to the Christiansborg’s tower. Access is free and you’ll have a good panoramic of all the city and near villages; a bit windy up there, so be careful with your phone, camera, hat…

Then headed for another must-visit place in Copenhagen: Freetown Cristhiania. But before that, I had a big round to cross the river through Langerbro, visiting this part of the town, entering Vor Frelsers Kirke and having a big burger at Café Oven Vande.

Had a big burger at Café Oven Vande.

Then after that, as I said I visited Cristhiania. An interesting place I must say, good to know that there are alternative places that work and are sustainable, however I find it a bit decadent and very linked to 420. A discussion about that would take too much time and lots of beers, so don’t take bad this opinion, it was just the feeling I got from it.

This night I visited the Escobar. Heading northwest from my hotel, and rounding the lakes, when you arrive to the Queen Louise Bridge you’ll find a crowded zone. Head left and you will find a street with some bars. One of them is the Escobar, which I found announced in this same web and in some others as a rock/metal bar.

At first sight it was quite strange to me. There was a DJ and for an hour the music was rock from 60’s and 70’s, quite boring for me but OK to have a drink and talk. Then this guy stopped his session and the music handled by the bartenders, and more modern music played. Some death metal, some Trivium songs as far as I remember. Good enough to have one last drink there and go back to my hotel.

Day 4

Time to go back home, so this allowed us to have a quick visit to the Kastellet, but this time inside the enclosure and going around it. A few beers in a local bar and way back home.

I hope you like this post and it has been useful to you. And remember, if you want to share a travel experience you had, recommendations about your city or a city you know well, or an experience in a live festival, contact us, we will get in touch and we’ll share your story here.

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