Barcelona Chapter 1

I think that the best way to start my little tour around Barcelona would be the Palau de la Música Catalana (Catalan Music Palace). We are here because we love music, aren’t we? So we must admire this palace that honors music. It’s a modernist building, full of too much colors for our dark soul, I know. And Is catalan music the only there? No, we can listen to a lot of distinct styles and disciplines of music. But sure, not rock or metal. I would give my left hand if I could assist to a Haggard o Therion concert in this acoustical privileged place. But there is no problem for me to listen to a piano concert here while I can enjoy of Domenech i Montaner creation.

Then you can cross Via Laietana and you can go to the cathedral of the town.  Do not be fooled by the facade, it’s precious, but it’s neogothic. It’s the Marilyn Manson from the gothic facades.If you decide to pay for entering there, you will find genuine Gothic architecture inside. Then you would go through the small street to the right of the building. If you have enough time you can take a look at the courtyard of the Casa de l’Ardiaca or the cloister of the cathedral (both free). But you should would divert to the square Sant Felip Neri, a very quiet square, where you can see on the walls of the church the remains of the bombs that fell during the civil war. Sabbaton, we are waiting for a song about one of its battles!

Comming back to the previous street  you would gone through the bishop’s bridge where I recommend you looking at the bottom of this and find the hidden skull. Be carefull! The legend tells that find it is not good, if you believe in these things, of course.

This street ends in the town hall square  where it also is the Generalitat de Catalunya. On the facade of the Generalitat you can see a brave knight killing a dragon. No, we are not soooo fans of Rhapsody that we have represented his songs here. It’s Saint George, patron saint of Catalonia.

Now I recommend you go to see more real gothic. Walk along Carrer Princesa to Santa Maria del Mar, or as many people know  it: La catedral del Mar (the cathedral of the sea) because of a book that became very famous with this title and it novelized the epic construction of the building in the middle ages. Access is free, a rare thing in the tourist area.

Following the route I recommend you to cross the Via Laietana again to pass under the post office building  (Correos) and then you arrive to the Carrer Ample (Broad Street). Time ago it was the last street beside the sea and it was really wide, now we would not rate it that way. Here we will look for the museum of cannabis and marijuana. I will not say that you must go because many of our beloved musicians have found inspiration in this type of substance to write their works. I recommend it for being a modernist palace (yes, more modernism, Barcelona is full of modernism) with an impressive stained glass window. If you decide to enter, look at the floral drawings of the windows; when the museum bought and restored the building they contributed by putting marijuana leaves on some of the ornate crystals.

I think we’ve made you walk enough. Now you deserve a break and a cool beer, and oh, fortune!. You are next to the Bollocks! Here with a little luck you get on time to their Happy hour and enjoy the rock they put in a dark place that allows you to have privacy even if you have people nearby. You will tell me if it has been difficult to decide in which bathroom to enter with the funny way in which they indicate which one is your gender.

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