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    Ullmannstr. 12, Wien, Vienna, Austria, 1150


    Small pub, very friendly and with cheap beer!


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    Wednesday - Saturday from 20.00 on

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    No upcoming events scheduled.

    3 reviews

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  • suesue

    4 Sept. 2012, 00:09

    1/5 there was a time ...

    where that place was pulsating with life. i don't know what happend, but its not that way anymore. normally, i go there once a year to check out if it changed again. last time we got beer in cans for 3 euro and the music was from a playlist. there were 4 other guests who played tabletop soccer. its sad, but that place has seen better times! i canot recommend it at the moment.


    14 July 2010, 00:07

    1/5 Don't go there if you are older than 16.

    It's all about little kids getting drunk with cheap beer and booze. Forget it.


    16 Jan. 2008, 00:01

    Only for Goths

    This is recommended for Goth chicks only, the good times of this locations are gone.