Battle Axe

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    Glatzgasse 4, 1190 Wien, Austria


    There once was a Greek named Harry
    a true Black Metal dude, he was scary
    he met a red Dane
    who was clearly insane
    And their journey from here on was merry

    Vienna this city was called
    where this lovely tale is told
    with "Ur, Depf and Leiwand"
    they remained defiant
    and conversed in the English of old

    In an evening of full drunken haze
    an idea formed they both could appraise
    "Lets shit on our studies
    forever stay buddies
    and open a pub" was the phrase.

    Find useful information and prices at their web.

    Opening hours

    Di-Do: 19-02
    Fr & Sa: 19-04

    Happy hour:
    Di-Do: 19-21
    Fr: 19-20


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