Charlies Checkpoint

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    Herrengasse 3, Klagenfurt, Kärnten, 9020, Austria


    Charlies Checkpoint is a small but nice Metal destination for people addicted to good Music. It has a familiar atmosphere and the prices are okay for Austrian standard.

    The staff are realy friendly and they dont have any problems if you take your dog or your death-metal-squirrels with you ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE id=id;)

    You are able to get 50 to 60 people in there, so its not realy huge but not as small as Moles.

    Take your knights armor with you! Because there is no better Outfit for a saftey night full of good music and alcohol!

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  • Ahab

    25 Oct. 2011, 00:10

    Nothing special, but nice to see

    I've been there october 2011. Prices a little bit higher than average in Austria. for example : 3,40 half a liter beer. Music wishes at the bar until 10 or 11 pm. Awesome posters glued to the wall. looks like an old wine cellar, but doesn't smell like it. Most guests were just regular people, so no metalheads there. But you can still enjoy good music with your friends and try a Salzburger beer (Stiegl). Btw: toilets are in the cellar, watch your head, the ceiling is low.