Red Bell Saloon

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Rivadav├Ča 864, Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Quite big place (3 floors) with a very good generic Metal playlist (mostly European, unfortunately for you open-minded metal travelers who want to discover the rich Argentinian Metal scene), cheap but good beer, 8 pesos=1 L. Entrance is 10 pesos, they offer you the first Litre. Good people, you can ask the DJ to play some songs, good place. Plays videos too. Quite clean for a Metal bar. Gets crowdy after 1a.m but hey, there's plenty of space.

Fridays host Rock nights, Saturday hosts Metal nights.

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22 Jan. 2011, 00:01

AWESOME NIGHT!! (But be warned if you are a Brit...)

Me and some mates have been travelling around SA and we gave this place a try in October. We were, however, warned NOT to go here by some people at the hostel we stayed at. We were told that as we were English we wouldnt be welcome here. And that the area was dodgy and we would probably get mugged. We ignored this (thinking it was just bullshit) and went anyway. The music was really good (albeit commercial) and the drinks/bar service was decent-esp with the huge litre glasses of beer you get free on arrival! We didnt have any problems but we DID have a huge Hells Angel type dude watching us all night along with a few of the locals who took a shine to us!! So maybe if we didnt have these people watching our backs the night may have ended different. Dont miss this place out-just dont draw loads of attention to yourselves or request songs- it never goes down well!