Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Metal Travel Guide?

The Metal Travel Guide (MTG) is a constantly expanding database (or directory) of rock and metal friendly places from all over Planet Earth!

We use the term "Places" here on MTG to describe any of the following:   Clubs, Club Nights, Venues, Bars, Shops (Record shops, Tattoo shops, Rock/Metal clothing shops etc.) and Festivals.

The MTG allows you to add a places, review or vote on an existing places and let the rock and metal masses know of your experiences.

Do you allow non-rock and metal places in the directory?

We ONLY permit Rock and Metal places into our directory.  Under no circumstances do we permit any other kind of places to be added.  However, we do appreciate some clubs or venues run different kinds of events - If the club or venue host rock or metal events or are involved with rock and metal events, then it is welcome in our directory.

My country / city / region is not listed.

With your help we are constantly expanding the geography that the MTG directory covers.  If you have a place in mind, but the country, town/city/village or province is not listed please let us know (using our contact page) and we will be more than happy to add the region to the site.  Once added (which is normally completed within 24 hours), you can add your place to the new region.

Can you help me find some places where my band can play?

We suggest you browse the regions of our directory that you wish to play and contact the places directly.  You are also more than welcome to post your requests in our forum.

I need info about about gigs taking place in a specific region.

Unfortunately we are not able to list specific live event info on the MTG directory at this moment in time.  However, you can locate venues for your locale and contact them for further information.

I am know of/am involved with/run a festival that is not listed, can I add it?

If you know of a festival that is not listed in our Festival list, please contact us (using our contact page) and provide full information about the event.  We will then add the festival for you.

I sent you an email about a new place and it hasn't been included on the site.

The MTG listing process has recently changed;  If you have a place to add, please do so yourself.  By doing this you ensure the listing appears as you intended and YOU get full credit for adding it.

If you emailed us rather than adding it yourself chances are it will not be added (most of the time we respond to the email suggesting what you need to do to get your place added).

I've found some places in the directory that have very little or no info, why?

As we have so many places, not all have as much info as we'd like.  If you have more info about said place(s), please use the "Report" option on the place page and fill out the form - We can then update the place with the info you provide.

I notice that the MTG now supports place photos, can I add photos to a place?

At the moment we do not support direct member uploads for photos to EXISTING places.  If you are creating a brand new place page, you have the ability to add photos at the creation stage but you are not able to add photos to places already in the directory.

However, if you have photos of a place that has no photos OR have "better" photos than those already on a place page, we would be very grateful if you could send them to us.  Please use the contact page and let us know you have some and we will be in touch!

Some pages have Maps and others don't, why?

The generation of Maps on place pages occurs only when we have valid and full address information.

If you find a place without a map and know the full address for the place (if it isn't already listed), please use the "Report" button on the place page and provide us with the full address.  We will then generate a map for the place.

I've found a user review that is pretty offensive, what can I do?

We believe in freedom of speech at the MTG but there are 3 golden rules we have in place here.

1)  No racism.
2)  No politics.
3)  No personal attacks.  

If any of the comments/reviews on our site breach any one of these rules, the comment/review will be removed and in some cases the account that made the comment/review suspended.

If you encounter a comment that breaches our rules please use the "Report" facility on the comment/review and we will deal with it.

I own/am involved with a place listed on the MTG.  I don't like the reviews it has received, I demand you remove the place!

As above, we believe in freedom of speech on the Metal Travel Guide and we will not remove places (or reviews) just because you do not like the reviews members/patrons have made.  We are not obligated to remove any information from this site.  When we do remove a place or review(s), we do so only when very specific criteria have been met.

If you feel that your place has fallen victim to sabotage or unwarranted slander, please get in touch with us (using the contact page) and we will discuss this matter directly.

If you have a question that has not been answered above or require further clarification on any of the above please feel free to contact us using the Contact MTG page and we will endeavour to respond within 24 hours.