Rock n Rolla

A Hard Rock and Heavy Metal Bar with Live Concerts. Very friendly staff. You can also sit outside. Music ranges between Classic Heavy Metal (Dio, Iced Earth, Halford) and Hard Rock.

Its is 2 streets away from the Dorock.
Type: Pub
Opening hours: 20:00- 4:00
Address: Bekar sk. 14
City: Istanbul
State: Istanbul/ Beyoglu - Taksim
Country: Turkey
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On 5 Mar 2016 By tun
Kadıköy & Beşiktaş
"There's one in Kadıköy near the fish bazaar and also in Beşiktaş Barbaros. There both large haals to sit outside and inside. Music is rock/metal but nothing extreme. You can eat delicious burgers and choose from quite a nice selection of beers but the one in Beşiktaş is too noisy. The music from the neighbour bars are mixed with what they're playing which is not too cool by the way. The visitors are mostly students and doesn't have the rock-metal atmosphere that it claims in the name. "

On 24 Jul 2012 By drummerette
Not really a place for me
"Nice pub, although the beers were quite expensive. This is somewhere you'd probably like most on a hangover Sunday - the music is pretty quiet, and the location is placed between a few really loud mainstream clubs, and it's difficult to meet people here if you're alone, so i'd reccomend not going alone for a social experience. The drinks are priced at an average rate, any spirits or cocktails can range between 5tl - 25tl."

On 10 Sep 2011 By hellespont
A cool venue with reasona
"I started my night here, and met a few cool people, but it was quiet and the people who were there were stuck in their groups. The music was classic/glam metal, and the band who played were grunge. Beer was 5tl, a decent price. A good venue, but better with friends."

On 16 Aug 2011 By HellsLastSurvivor
On a way to become a good
"This time it was not that good...because the music outside is not loud enough and the damn pop club next to it plays its lousy music to loud. But they now have rugulary concerts and still a lot metal people you can meet here."

Located in: Istanbul