Club Dynamo

Youth culture center and also venue for live gigs - sometimes Metal and Punk stuff, check out their website for the agenda.

The Dynamo is right at the Limmat-River and there is a Café too. So even if you don’t feel like concerts or parties, you can have a coffee (or a beer) and enjoy the artsy atmosphere and (hopefully) the good weather besides the water.
Type: Venue
Address: Wasserwerkstrasse 21
City: Zürich
State: Zürich
Postcode: 8006
Country: Switzerland
Phone Number: +41 (0)1 365 34 44
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On 14 Jan 2014 By xamarth1
Great gigs, decent venue
"The best thing is the gigs: they are regular, feature well-known names in the (mostly extreme) metal scene and are of good variety (doom, black, death, gothic, folk) as well as some punk and occasional electro music. The venue is beautiful - a sort of small underground bunker thing.The bar is average. It's small and lacks variety but is fairly priced. There's not much room to stand around the bar so going outside is the best choice which is great in summer but bad in winter.It's definitely a must-see for Zurich metal scene."

Located in: Zürich