Turbo Pub

A pretty popular Metal pub. They play all sorts of Hard Rock, Heavy Metal and Punk. Some people say it's the best pub in Gran Canaria, but thats depending on who you ask!
Opening hours: daily 21.00 - 04.30.
Address: Centro Comerciale Kasbah
City: Playa Del Ingles, Gran Canaria
Postcode: 35100
Country: Spain
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On 17 Sep 2013 By Mz.Hyde
Turbo Pub - My second hom
"Where to begin, where to begin?After eating at Kabash we where thinking about going back to the hotel. We spotted a guy with a small poster. There was something on this poster that caught out eye, so we just had to go over. Honestly we didn't expect to find any rock/metal places there, so this was a big suprise. We had to check this out and after 5 minutes there, we where SOLD.I loved the guys and the lovely girl behind the bar. Great service, great mood, great prices... We became regulars, and they had to order more Captain Morgan for me (I kind of drank it all). We could spend hours there. After the third time, the DJ recognized me and always put on some Volbeat for me.The last day we had to buy the t-shirts and the hoodie to bring back to Norway, and since my Boyfriend already had a Metal t-shirt on him, we donated that one to the pub and it is proudly hanging on the roof.What can I say? I can't wait to go back this year! If you like metal/rock/punk whatever... THIS IS THE PLACE TO GO!See you in a couple of months guys!"

On 21 Aug 2013 By Streetbob
Metal heads heaven
"From the moment you walk in you feel welcome and at home, The bar staff are bonkers and make sure you have a good night. We stayed 11 nights in Gran Caneria and spent 9 of them in here! Have a look around at the pictures on the wall when you go in, if they look old , they are! This pub has been here for 29 years so if that doesn't say something about how good this bar is then i dont know what else to say! Discovered some new bands in here which is always a bonus. It's known as a metal pub but earlier in the night it's a good mix of rock and metal. As with the other bars you get a slip of paper to write your song choices on, and by the 3rd night the staff got to know what we wanted to hear and played it before we requested it! Thank you to the Turbo bar for making our holiday so enjoyable, For those about to rock, we salute you!!!!!"

On 21 May 2013 By metalmistress2013
Very welcoming and fun pl
"I used MTG to find somewhere rocking- me and my hubby love rock and metal so the thought of commercial bars made us cringe! We found Turbo pub and as soon as we walked in were given slip of paper to request some tunes and asked what we drinking- was great. The drinks were cheap and generous measures from the fun bar staff ! It felt like a little home from home and is definitely worth a visit! We made several in our week stay and hope others do too! :-)"

On 19 Jun 2012 By Goth Nurse
Awesome place
"Small, but great! Extremely friendly staff, especially the owners. Played all the music requested and was packed full by the end. Got to stay in for drinks even after closing time :)"

On 13 Jan 2011 By anna.lena
i just love turbo!!
"great place with excellent music and very friendly staff!!!"

On 6 Oct 2010 By bedervet
The best metalpub in Play
"I love this pub. When I lived at Gran Canaria, I used to go there often. Very friendly staff. You always get a lot of free drinks and shots. And you really feel like a part of the family. :)"

On 21 May 2009 By KoelnerPanther
"very nice Metalpub, with a very friendly crew and owner."

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