Ground Zero

A long established Rock and Indie pub which is one of the few places that caters for people into alternative music on Ibiza.
Open from May til October every night 21.00 - 04.00.
Address: Calle Santa InŽs, 3B (at the entrance of San Antonio's West End)
City: San Antonio, Ibiza
Country: Spain
Phone Number: +34 971 345 355
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On 29 May 2013 By Angel
Ground Zero
"Ground Zero is a Rock/Metal and Indie club, unlike a lot of the bars on the same road, the PR people are friendly and not overly aggresive when it comes to getting people to go in.The indie is in large, airy room and the times we went completely empty, but unfortunately the Rock/Metal is relegated to a small dark back room that for some reason has large puddle on the floor (apparently due to the air conditioning), there's a good range of music, mainly on the heavier side and it's quite amusing watching people attempting to dance on the pole dancing podium."