Private Hell Club

All about rock and metal. Rock concerts, rock music all the time. Long live rock 'n' roll!
Opening hours: 6 p.m
Address: 5 Strada Soarelui
City: Bucharest
State: Bucharest
Postcode: 030167
Country: Romania
Phone Number: +40726251889
Overall MTG Score:

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On 6 Jan 2015 By mattias.vik
Only metal place in Bucha
"It has moved to the Old town, it's a bit smaller than before it moved, but it's the only metal place in Bucharest. They have a large playlist and you can request songs you want them to play."

On 4 Nov 2013 By shile
Bucharest's heaviest met
"If you're into metal then this is the place for you. Bucharest's last bastion of pure metal. Watch out- not a place for newbies they play it hard and they play it loud. You'll get almost everything that ends in metal ( thrash, speed, black, death, doom,hard, heavy and even some core*) ... hell, you might even find your unknown underground garage band's songs played here...as long as it;s bad enough for a place named like this."

On 26 Oct 2013 By Visingera
If you like heavy metal/m
"Truely the only metal club in Bucharest."