Café Excalibur

Nice Hardrock and Heavy Metal pub /coffeeshop owned by the Hells Angels and located in the middle of the Red Light district, next to Casa Rosso.

The place is filled with armor and upstairs there's a pool table.
Type: Pub
Address: Oudezijds Achterburgwal 48
City: Amsterdam (red light district)
State: Red Light District
Postcode: 1012 DP
Country: Netherlands
Phone Number: +31 (0)20 6268353
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On 15 Feb 2016 By HughPhamism
Why did I not find this p
"Great bar. Friendly good fun staff. Always busy and always good metal playing. Cheap beer considering the location in the heart of the red light district."

On 24 Apr 2014 By the.sarjmeister
A must see
"I visited the Dam on the first weekend of January. While there I just couldn't stay away from Excalibur. The music got better(harder) the later the day went on and the evening kicked in. The barmaid was hot too ;) Smoking upstairs only and they have 2 pool tables. It could be 1 though, I was rarely sober fpr long there. Cheapest pint I found in the Dam by 20-50c"

On 3 Oct 2013 By pitman
love this place
"Great bar bang in middle of red light district. Very friendly and always someone to talk to. Nice mix of rock music and funny videos playing constantly. Load up with a few beers and enjoy the walk home past the night creatures"

On 24 Sep 2013 By Nedrog
Good Bar
"I visited this weekend and it was awesome, they played a lot of good music, and they even took requests. they got 2 pool tables up stairs and the people where kind, they showed jackass the movie and similar movies and shows on the TVs, the only thing i didnt like was that the music was to quiet, but its the best bar i've been to so i'm giving it a full score!"

On 2 Jul 2013 By Jason
Good Bar!
"Good Bar in a great location and a must visit for rock fans"

"This bar was very easy to find, a friend told me to visit it as he really liked it when he visited Amsterdam. I loved the decor and the atmosphere, sitting in the bar, almost immediately I noticed I was sitting next to a Finnish biker dude, so we had a little conversation and talked about travelling and the atmosphere was really good. I do not really remember how the music was, but I really can not complain cause they played Rock music as promised. Maybe nothing special for metal heads but if you want to go and take a pint very central, have a little chat and listen to good music you should really give it a visit :)"

On 26 Nov 2011 By ragnarock_belfast
great central bar
"Great place for drinks. the drumming bar man was the best character ever. Played a mix of good and bad metal and rock tunes (depends what you like I guess). Says its non-smoking but the ash trays on the table imply differently. Has brilliant decor; bikes, suits of armour etc. Its central to a lot of places in amsterdam. nice slow crowd durring the day and a good steady buzz of people at night. My type of bar."

On 30 Jun 2010 By tegga123
Worth a visit! :)
"i went there last week, i read about it on here, but found it by chance! we went in and it was a pretty chilled atmosphere. suits of amour all over the place, the cheapest drink we found was heineken at 2 euros a glass, Jager i think was about 3 euros a shot.upstairs is pretty kool, there pool tables and the ceiling painting is awesome. The only down side is that girls need a Key to use the toilet, which you get from behind the bar, i can imagine thats a pain when its busy. apart from that,,, deffinatly worth a visit, hoipefully i'll be able to stay there longer next time. :D"

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Located in: Amsterdam