3 different style bars in one. A great Rock/Metal bar on the left side downstairs. It's a great spot to hang out and drink a few beers, as Bruxelles has always catered for serious music fans. It also has live music on Sundays through to Wednesdays.

Friday/ Saturday nights playing a mixture of everything from Classic Rock, Thrash, Speed, Doom, Death, Black, Epic and Heavy Metal.
There is also a great Metal juke box Sunday to Thursday.
Address: 7 Harry Street (just off Grafton Street)
City: Dublin 2
Country: Ireland
Phone Number: +353 (0)1 6775362
Overall MTG Score:

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On 29 Jun 2013 By thunderztorm
Decent bar, decent atmosp
"The times I've been there, it's been a nice place, good crowd, good music and generally good times.Note that Bruxelles is on ONE side of the bar downstairs - the other side is a regular bar. Make sure you go the right place."

On 30 Apr 2013 By Larry David
Free Police harassment fo
"Bruxelles Bar are now giving dropsies in Pearse ST Garda Station: If you make any complaints about the shit service you get a free arrest and a few hours in a police cell. Its happened to three people I know already, and twice the cops admitted as much shamelessly to those they arrested, though they have to release those they pick up without charge. If you assert your rights you'll find the police will be waiting for you when you leave the Bar....thats how much this establishment cares about its customers. The management hope the customers are more stupid than they are , that's all......"

On 21 Jul 2012 By drummerette
Make sure you're in the r
"Many people miss this entrance, Bruxelles consists of 3 bars. A sports bar, which is the larger area with the smoking section on the ground level, and two downstairs. The only downside of Bruxelles is that it has strange opening hours, although they are listed on the door outside. There is a back entrance on the right hand side to go down there and many people mistake it for the live acoustic sessions/indie bar next door! So make sure you're in the right place first ;)Even though it's quite a small bar - it's MAGNIFICENTLY decorated with a gothic-type air, plays all kinds of metal, and ranges from metallica to behemoth in style. The DJs over the weekends take requests and the atmosphere is usually quite laid back, and the people are very friendly! The only thing you may not like is the inaccessibility when it's so crowded, since it's a small bar, making your way upstairs to the smoking area may be a little hectic! if you're not - no problems :) Oh, also, watch your head in the toilets, they have low ceilings!"

On 26 Apr 2012 By Oddhin
Calling BS!
"Visited this place. Nothing even remotely resembling a metal bar here. Posh pub serving mussels in white wine upstairs and sports bar with posh kids downstairs."

On 27 Feb 2012 By Larry David
Avoid like the Plague

On 20 Feb 2012 By meanmotherfuckinman
"I agree with the majority of previos posters, this is a very poor venue for metal and mainly survives on very distant past reputations. The staff are terribly rude, the drink is like something you'd be arrested for giving to cows and the music is boring and lazy. Added to that the so-called " heavy metal Dublin scene" hang around here and pose about trying to out-metal everybody else. Avoid - there's plenty more choice out there in Dublin now. This place is DEAD."

On 24 Mar 2011 By TAMAMAN92
"Where else can you be gauraunteed good music, sound staff and cheap drink. I'll tell ye....fucking nowhere!!"

On 14 Feb 2011 By crash
Love this place!
" "

On 11 Aug 2010 By Under A Funeral Moon
As a Bruxelles regular..
"I've been going to Bruxelles pretty much every weekend for the last 2 or 3 years. It used to be very expensive, as per other reviews, but they've been doing great promotions since late 2009. It's actually very good value for money, considering the location. The staff in the rock/metal bar are very friendly. The clientв”њВїle are great. There's always a good mix of people. The music really depends on which DJ is playing. They're all open to requests. On a Saturday night, you'll usually hear everything from black metal to glam rock and everything in between. You're always guaranteed a good night in Bruxelles."

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Located in: Dublin