Katy Dalys & The Limelight

Katy Dalys is not a Rock bar as such, but it's about as close as Belfast is likely to come to such a thing. There's a generally relaxed atmosphere, with a pub quiz on Monday nights and bands playing most other times.
Rock bands do play there occasionally, specially every Saturday afternoon there is a session known as rocKD with two Metal live bands. Doors open at 3.30, Admission is £2.50. You can check the organisator's web site for schedules: The Distortion Project (they also run occasional night time gigs showcasing local/touring bands, and have their own Metal radio show available in the Belfast area.

The Limelight has occasional Wednesday Rock clubs (called NARF), maybe one every month, watch out for flyers. Mixture of Nu and True Metal. Doors open at 9:30 and entrance is £3.
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On 24 Nov 2011 By ragnarock_belfast
check out the distortion
"Katy Dalys is great for a pint with mates. The Limelight is terrible on a club night unless you are into bog standard indie and crowd pleasing alternative music mixed with pop crap. However the Distortion Project regulary put on local bands and international bands like Vader, Toxic Holocaust, Entombed etc. They run a regular band slot during a Saturday so its good if your looking to start your day off early. Overall, they are good venues but when the students are packing in for a club night you might feel the need to go elsewhere."

Located in: Belfast