Dizzy Rock

A good place to have a beer and listen to Heavy Metal.
Address: Aigyptou 5 street
City: Thessaloniki
Country: Greece
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On 9 Jan 2014 By koshi
Awesome place
"Good old heavy metal, great atmosphere with a pool table upstairs and mythos beer for only 2 euros! A great metal place in Thessaloniki."

On 17 Nov 2013 By Figueiredo
heavy metal
"Just plays heavy, power and hard rock. It was crowded at a friday night, with the same prices than the other bars. well located and with a great decoration. On thursday we prefered a most agreable post-punk night at the pussycat bar, just in front."

On 12 Aug 2013 By Alexis
Great place
"I have been there a lot of times. Great music and atmosphere, cheap beer and it`s opened until 5 o`clock in the morning ;)"

On 22 Sep 2008 By rageeldar
Very nice
"Been there 2 times,really nice metal music,heavy-power mostly."