Café/bar with Hard Rock, Heavy Metal and all kinds of Rock music.
Opening hours: 21.00 till very late!
Address: Akti Kountourioti 3
City: Chania (Hania)
Postcode: 73100
Country: Greece
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On 11 Aug 2015 By Kristaliorn
Had a great day in a gran
"Small but potentially full of character. The drink selection was fantastic. With some brilliant rock and metal esque drinks. Not too mention a great supoply of bar nuts on a constant supply to your position. As the day gets later and the night young the Dj's start turning up and a more select music choice for the rockers and even metal heads can be put on. all the staff where fantastic on my day there. Like one of the below reveiws says, If you are a rocker or inclined in anyway to these genres which you are because you are on this website. Make your pilgrimage there. You will know! Maybe grab a been there done that T-shirt too!"

On 29 Apr 2014 By Thor
Cool place
"Cool place with rock/metal music in the harbour of Chania. A great surprise right in the middle of a tourist area! They also have happy hour in the afternoon :-)"

On 12 Sep 2011 By lefterisavalon
Avalon Rock Cafe
"If you are a Metalhead, Avalon Rock Cafe is the place you are looking for in Chania.Once you are there you will know..."