Speak Easy

A long established Metal pub where they play all kinds of Metal and also some Punk, depending on the week day.
Address: Gro§e Rittergasse 42
City: Frankfurt
Postcode: 60594
Country: Germany
Phone Number: +49 (0)69 618075
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On 17 Oct 2013 By metalbitch
Good metal pub
"Metal pub with nice people and good music. The dj played one of mine favorite songs when i asked him :) Many guests at the pub could speak english, so it was not difficult to talk with others even for a girl like me who was traveling alone, and can't speak german.. beer + Jägermaister, and your evening is safe ,,/"

On 20 Sep 2011 By aainscow
Perfect Metal Bar...
"Excellent, friendly bar. I went with my gf on a Tuesday night and although a touch on the quiet side, had a fantastic night with the owner, DJ and a local. All of which helped us get ridiculously drunk, listen to a selection of great metal and kept us laughing into the wee hrs.The DJ also has a fantastic knowledge of Lotus, just in case there are any petrol heads about!Would go back in a heartbeat and I wear the t-shirt I nought with pride! Haha!A."

On 11 Aug 2008 By SOD_WF
All Metal stops when Germ
"Went here in June 08. Great little metal pub with a real "cellar" type atmosphere. Unfortunately however no metal was to be found on the night we went there as the entire city (entire country) was consumed with watching the Football (soccer) with germany versus turkey. Maybe next time!! :-P"

Located in: Frankfurt / Main