SO 36

One of the best-known live-clubs in town. They have some interesting Metal gigs, check their website for the program.
Address: Sub Opus 36
City: Berlin
Postcode: 10999
Country: Germany
Phone Number: +49 (0)30 614 013 06
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On 18 Mar 2013 By suesue
in the heart of kreuzberg
"there is a concert venue named SO36. they show metal, punk, ska whatever shows there.i went there for a concert of "i wrestled a bear once", "horse the band" and "as blood runs black" (in 2009) and enjoyed it a lot. the place itself is not too small and not too big, somehow almost cosy; the audience was very mixed and in a good mood, the sound was great and the staff was very friendly and seemed to enjoy the music as well."

Located in: Berlin