Paules Metal Eck

A nice Rock / Hardrock / True Metal pub.
Address: Krossenerstr.15 / Ecke Simon-Dach-Strasse
City: Berlin
Postcode: 10245
Country: Germany
Phone Number: +49 (0)30 2911 624
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On 22 Jul 2013 By Interfides
Not that metal at all, ra
"Well, during my time in Berlin, I was there at least 50+ times, at any possible time of the day, week and year. As the other people are writing, the experience of this place can vary a lot - sometimes they are really playing some good heavy/thrash/death metal stuff and you can meet some real local metal people, but usually they are playing just the commercial rock/hard rock stuff and the place is crowded with not-metal-at-all tourists and wanna-be-evil hipsters. Plus price of beer there is REALLY hight for Berlin metal world standards. Taking all of this into consideration, if you look for a REAL metal place in Berlin and don't want to get broke, better go to Blackland. But if you are more into visiting touristy fancy places and don't care about money, then well, you can try Paul's Metal Eck."

On 18 Mar 2013 By suesue
at paules metal eck ...
"it very much depends on the "day" you go there. sorry, but i cannot provide an exact weekday/time to go there, but you will feel if its the right time when entering the place. the problem is that sometimes there are mostly tourists - then its not fun. but if the regulars are there - i really like it.the music varies, its mostly hard'n'heavy not so much death metal.i am not sure if paule still works there himself, but there was a time when he did and i liked him a lot. he is/was a real bartender. he remembered me and what i wanted to drink even though there had been 4 months between my visits ;-)"

On 3 Oct 2011 By thrashrabbit
A hard place...
"It was a cool place but the metalheads there were really unfriendly... They don't like tourists...so keep your mouth shut if you don't want trouble!"

On 30 Aug 2011 By Sooteri
A good place to drop by f
"Was a bit dissappointed when got into the place at first.. white collar-samsonites drinking beer and being what samsonites usually are.. music was mostly ye old rock and hardrock. At some point the tide turned, got some hatebreed on and got some good metalheads in and the whole place changed into the place I expected it to be.. So i'd say its a good little joint for a beer or ten before heading out around 10pm to 2am."

On 8 Oct 2010 By the.third.policeman
Good Metal Bar
"Nice Metal Bar. Good selection of Rock and Metal played on the TV. The Guinness tasted decent enough. The staff were efficient and the decor and layout of the bar was interesting with typical Metal memorabilia adorning the walls. There was a pool table and also some other entertainment available. Good location too as it is only walking distance to every other Metal bar in Friedrichshain."

On 6 Aug 2010 By evilgirl
A great place
"A really cool metal bar :).The right music, a lof of deathmetal were played..and musicvideos.Cheap beer.I higly recommend this bar :)"

On 6 Aug 2010 By Stolas Trephinator
Simply the best
"Here's all you have to know: the one night I went here, I watched a beautiful German woman fire-dance naked over a shirtless patron while they blasted Lamb of God and Rammstein over the speakers. The beer pulls have severed hands on 'em. That's all that you need to know."

On 9 Feb 2009 By chiribi
"Excellent bar service. Hard music. Highly recommended. I love it."

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Located in: Berlin