In Berlin they have a good free Metal events mag called Uncle Sallys Magazine. You should try to get hold of it or click here for the online version.
    Hof 23
    A youth club and venue for live gigs, some of them are Metal. Many of the concerts which are announced to be at the Halford are taking place here in reality. Check their program (Veranstaltungen) at t...
    New underground Metal live club - check their website for dates & details....
    Local Promoter

    Monthly 1-2 metal concerts and partys with a lot of funny underground bands (black, death, thrash, heavy, grind, doom) and headliner shows in different locations in Leipzig...
    Another Hard Rock and Classics pub. Also live gigs every Friday and Saturday - but its not only Metal stuff, so check it before at their website..
    JWD is open Friday, Saturday and the days before h...
    A rather underground Metal and Rockpub, long established among the old East Berlin scene. They've got pool, tabletop soccer, and an open air area during summertime. Good place to get the last deadly k...
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