Le Grouft

Shop for Gothic clothes, but rather expensive. Open from monday to Saturday from 11.30 to 19.30.
Address: 28 Rue de la Grande-Truanderie (Metro Chatelet or Les Halles)
City: Paris
Postcode: 75001
Country: France
Phone Number: +33 01 42 21 93 76
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On 24 Jul 2012 By drummerette
highly reccomended!
"Very unique clothing and jewellry, quite a tight fitted store for all of the clothes, patches, leather and jewellry they have to offer but you'd certainly find something if you're into the "darker" fashion. Also, you can bargain a little with the shop keepers for a better price. The only thing that is a little frustrating is that it's cluttered, there's so much shit youll need a few days to look through it all!! :P"

On 22 Apr 2008 By Shamane
i went there
"Good choice of patches. Btw ther's another Grouft in Pigalle, rue de Douai, 9в”њВї"

Located in: Paris