La Cantada II

Bar with Punk and Metal Music - open daily from 18h to 01.30.
Address: 13 Rue Moret (Metro Couronnes / MŽnilmontant)
City: Paris
Postcode: 75011
Country: France
Phone Number: +33 01 48 05 96 89
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On 2 Feb 2014 By beatriztriz773
"It certainly is a nice place and the ambiance was great. Only music was too low so you barely could hear anything. In the basement there was an exibition but it didn't have anything to do with metal (cabaret, belly dance...). We took two absinths for 11€. "

On 6 Sep 2011 By midimansound
Nice place to have drinks
"La Cantada II is well known in Paris for its large choice of Absynth (more than 40 , may be 50). The cave is the place for exhibitions such as photography, painting, tatoos, in fact , everything that can be shown. They are also some gigs , some metal and goth mix and a Metal Karaoke called Kara-Kao. Try to sing Senser eject or Pantera 5 minutes alone and you will see....In any case , great place for great moment"

On 15 Jan 2008 By marshall
There are just a few opti
"90% of the music I heard in this bar was old school hardcore... and I liked it. The decoration was pretty cool (with a real coffin on a wall, for example) and in the basement (which looks like a prison cell in an old castle of the XIIIth century) they have live gigs on a regular basis, so it was worth checking it out."

Located in: Paris