Tanssisali Lutakko

A live club where they have many Metal gigs. Check out their website for the schedule. Normally it's open from 21.00-02.00.
Address: Schaumaninkatu 3
City: Jyväskylä
Postcode: 40100
Country: Finland
Phone Number: +358 (0)14 617 866
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On 30 Aug 2011 By Sooteri
Best live venue in Finlan
"Simply the best live venue in Finland. The place has got history and its run almost purely on volunteer work. If you get a chance to see even a remotely interesting band to yourself, do yourself a favour and get there. My best live gigs have been here and not talking just because I'm a local. Theres a reason why bands consider this the best live venue in finland :) Decent prices and cool decour make this a cool bar as well, even though they usually close by 2. A good place to get pumped up and head on down to Katse or Musta Kynnys (which closes at two as well but hey..) downtown."

Located in: Jyväskylä