Sling In Bar

The Sling In Bar is mainly a cocktail bar, but the music varies from Van Halen to Slayer and Pantera and the atmosphere is far beyond like most cocktail bars.
Address: Mikonkatu 10 (2nd floor Aikatalo building)
City: Helsinki
Country: Finland
Phone Number: +358 09 698 6505
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On 6 Aug 2008 By marshall
What a strange cocktail-b
"As I entered this place I was absolutely sure I was at the wrong bar until I heard the first notes of a Paradise Lost song... it is very expensive for a "poor tourist from southern Europe" as me, hehe... but the music was great (Amorphis, Angra, Pantera...) and the drinks seemed to be quite interesting. But do not expect a dark metal bar as I did; this is more like a lounge for snobs."

Located in: Helsinki