Lasering CD Store

CD shop which has all kinds of music. There is quite a good Metal section in there, from time to time some rarities appear. In the second store one can buy some Metal vinyls as well. They sell some second hand stuff, too, and you can also buy via mailorder at their website.
Address: PŠrnu mnt. 38 and Narva mnt. 13
City: Tallinn
Country: Estonia
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On 10 Oct 2013 By witchfindergeneral
General music store with
"I went to the store in the Viru Kesku mall. Reasonable selection although nothing particularly special seems to be there. At least one of the guys was wearing a metal t-shirt which is good for a place that doesn't only sell metal. I did manage to find the Black Sabbath Born Again deluxe edition here which I had been looking for."

Located in: Tallinn