Sin City

London's biggest Rock club. The music played is a mix of Metal (Old / Nu / Thrash / Death / Mainstream), Punk, Ska, Hardcore, Rock and Alternative. Taking place every Friday night at the Electric Ballroom from 10.00 pm - 04.00 am, admission is £5. NUS/time-out night pass/members/with flyer before 12 or £7 all other times.
Type: Club Night
Address: Electric Ballroom
City: London
State: Camden
Postcode: NW1 8QP
Country: England
Phone Number: +44 0207 4859006
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On 11 Aug 2012 By Deathwing
Still very good but gone
"I used to come here 4-6 years ago and the DJs (Riad and co.) gradually turned up the music from light stuff before midnight to heavy metal (Disturbed, Slipknot, Slayer) later. This held something for everyone, there were dancers in cages at the front where the male-dominated moshpit roared, non-moshers dancing in the middle and back, and the room was packed.I returned to the area recently and while it's still going and the music is still good, they don't really play the very heavy stuff anymore so you won't find a moshpit, the dancers are gone and the DJs are behind a booth so you can't approach them (though they hang down a requests list). Drinks prices are up (£4 for a vodka/coke) and it's a bit emptier than it used to be.Still a good night out, it's just lost its mojo."

On 27 Aug 2011 By littlemisswednesday
Fun metal night
"Good metal night in the Electric Ballroom, which has a massive dance floor downstairs and a smaller room upstairs, plus several bars. Never have to wait long to get served. Go a bit later for the proper metal rather than the more poppy, emo stuff. The only downside is that if you go regularly (as we used to) you quickly realise that they play pretty much exactly the same songs every week.....admittedly most of it is good stuff, but can get a bit annoying after a while!"

On 23 Nov 2010 By HellsLastSurvivor
Best Place to go if you l
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On 6 Aug 2010 By Elmo
"Since moving to London for uni this place has become my regular haunt on a Friday night. If you want somewhere that plays a range of mainstrem rock/metal etc then this is the place to go. Music starts off with less known songs/bands at the start but after midnight it picks up with all your favourite tunes. Get there before 11:30 with a flyer or NUS card and you'll be in for £5, after that or without the previous items its £7. Inferno is every first Friday of the month so if your not into EBM/Industrial/Goth etc avoid going then. Very much recommend going with a bunch of friends, though your likely to make new ones there as the night goes on :)"

Located in: London