Big Red

Large Rock bar with a western feel, duke box that plays a variety of top Metal tunes, an extensive american / tex mex menu (food served from 3pm-11pm). Pinball and pooltables adding to the entertainment. The place has seperate booths for that more intimate feel (candles and all), various aftershows and parties too - in all, everything any self respecting metaller would want in a night out.
Opening hours: Mon - Thurs 3pm-1am, Fri 3pm-2am, Sat 12pm-2am and Sun 12pm-12am
Address: 365 Holloway Road
City: London (Holloway)
Postcode: N7 ORY
Country: England
Phone Number: 0207 6096662
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On 12 Aug 2013 By Dagon
Hard Rock
"Best. Place. Ever. Great atmosphere, staff is cool, jukebox more towards hard rock / heavy metal though."

On 16 Sep 2012 By Thrashor
Great Place for a Game of
"Big Red is an American themed bar. The rural western trucker and biker theme runs throughout. Its well presented but feels a bit fake, its this safe fakeness that makes the place popular with townies (average non-metal people) as well as alternative people from across the board, be they metallers, goths, punks, rockabillies or whatever. It's a good size with a central island bar which is normally staffed by tattooed and pierced ladies.The venue has 4 or 5 pool tables, 2 football tables (aka "Fooseball" to Americans), 2 duke boxes (metal, rock, country, and western - a bit limited, but passable.) Various arcade machines (House of the Dead 3 most recently), ample seating in booths, around tables, and by the bar. Bands do play on weekends. Food and a selection of ales, lagers and spirits.Drinks are £3 to £4, food is about £5 to £15, games are is £1 each, duke box is £1 for 5 tracks."

On 18 Mar 2012 By amit
"Been to this very large and nicely decorated bar twice lately. Once on a Sunday afternoon just after they opened, it was peaceful with just a few people but still had good music playing. The beer was perfectly served and the staff were nice. Second time was a Saturday night, completely different scene. Packed with all kinds of people, great music blowing out of the jukebox (the cheapest in town) - everything from Johnny Cash to Maiden and Slayer. Nice and friendly atmosphere. Thanks to lots of staff behind the bar the service was quick and good. Didn't eat but the food looked very good value for money. Really nice to see a rock/metal bar doing so well outside of the busy tourist areas. Definitely worth the trip!"

On 23 Aug 2011 By Ratamahattass
Great for people watching
"When I was living in Kentish Town then this was worht the short bus journey to carry on the drinking with mates. A very good atmosphere with lots of posters to look at on the walls and in general lots of cool people to look at. Even when busy there are normally lots of staff working so easy to get drinks. Well worth a visit even for non metallers"

On 14 Jan 2011 By bumface
cool place
"big metal/rock bar open every night. two pool tables and pin ball machines. average priced drinks. juke box - music is never loud enough so you barely hear it. more of a chilled pub style atmosphere. average priced food menu. cool place to hang with mates on a night out!"

On 23 Nov 2010 By HellsLastSurvivor
A really big Rock Bar wit
"The Music there is mostlyRock music, but you can choose a range of metal tunes from the jukebox. The Bar itself is really big and you can also have food. Cool Place!!!"

On 23 Nov 2008 By Natc
Love it!
"This is one of my fave bars in London. The jukebox is awesome, the drink prices are average for London, they do an ass-kicking Chili. I love the booths, great for a night out with a group of friends. The bar staff are cool but they won't take any shit!"

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Located in: London