A modern venue for live concerts - most local and international Metal bands coming to Aarhus are playing here. Check out their website for dates & details.
Address: Vester AllŽ 15
City: Aarhus C
Postcode: 8000
Country: Denmark
Phone Number: +45 8730 9797
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On 25 Apr 2013 By Beikes
Top venue i Denmark
"Voxhall has had an overhaul.. For the last five years Voxhall has been among the best concert venues in the country. Not that it's saying much, but only Vega (Copenhagen) or Godset (Kolding) can compete when it comes to acoustics and convenience. There's a U-shaped balcony and a decent floor. Two bars serving Murphy's on tap, Heineken and Ceres. + All kinds of booze. There's an outside balcony for smoking, and downstairs a good cafe-like area for sitting. Usually good sized merchandize booths."

Located in: Aarhus