Rock Cafe Praha
    Old music cafe where many famous czeck musicians spend a lot of time. Attention: It's not the "Hard rock cafe". They have a great concert location in the underground (about 500 people I think) were th...
    Music Antiquariat
    Interesting shop with a lot of Heavy Metal vinyl and other styles too.

    Kachna a Korab
    This basement bar appears to be fairly average on passing but plays metal constantly and has a great selection of changing Czech beers.

    Fairly small but well worth a stop if you're in ...
    A record store selling mostly Rock, Metal and Punk. They also have shirts, DVDs and stuff.
    You'll find a street map how to get there at their website - and there are also some gig dates announce...
    Hard Rock Bar
    NOT a Hard Rock Cafe. This place is a small czech chain although a lot of money has been spent decorating the place with things such as back-lit Motörhead images and guitars. Stumbled upon this trying...
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