Rather small Metal and Hardrock club with great atmosphere for live gigs. Check their website for dates of upcoming gigs and a small map how to get there.The Graffiti is open Monday - Thursday 19.00 - 02.00, Friday and Saturday 19.00 - 04.00.
Address: Krugerstr. 8 (Subway Stephansplatz or Karlsplatz/Oper)
City: Wien
Postcode: 1010
Country: Austria
Phone Number: +43 (0)1 51 33 225
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On 30 Jul 2013 By kylewhitworth1
Worth checking out
"Having been living in Vienna for the past few years I have had the chance to visit this place quite a few times. The best part is they do take requests for music and are happy to play something for you. The staff is friendly and most know english well enough to have a good conversation with. Yea the prices are a bit much but that's what you can expect from being located in the 1st district of Vienna. Most nights are slow with only a few regulars coming in. However; on Friday and Saturday the place is usually packed with people coming in and out. Most of the people there are old school metalheads or goth, so don't expect a lot of "core" music to be played. All in all a great place to grab a few drinks and get to know people in the Austrian metal scene."

On 4 Sep 2012 By DrtTrobridge
Best place to drink in th
"This place is downstairs on a side street just off of the main shopping area of Vienna. The entrance was hidden from view by a giant crane when we were there in August of 2012.We walked into a bar rocking some Lamb of God and a bunch of locals hammering down Austrian beer and playing poker. As the night went on, we started doing shots of Jag and met the owner of the joint, who is Finnish. He and his bartenders/DJ's showed us a helluva great time. They allowed us to request music, so much Meshuggah and Pantera was had. Their library is quite extensive and they are open to requests.Not super expensive, but not super cheap, but it is Vienna after all, so don't expect a huge bargain. It's accessible by the Metro, but beware that the metro stops running at some point before the bar closes...we had a long walk at 230AM back to the hotel since we were blotto.It was, by far, the best place we found to drink in Vienna. If you are there, definitely check it out."

On 24 May 2011 By Cheiras
Thoroughly AWESOME place!
"I'm living in Vienna right now and I always go there, because it is AWESOME. The staff is lovely, the pub is homely and dark and nicely painted with epic-style graffitis, there is a different dj everyday, but usually they play really GREAT music, and they accept requests.You can check the webpage of the place to gossip on the music each Dj plays. The only problem is that it is quite expensive, although of course this is usually the case in Vienna! It is usually crowded during the weekends, and during the week, very nice and friendly people go and you can have a brutally amazing party even tho there are not so many people!"

Located in: Wien (Vienna)