Rock Rock

Club where they play Classic to Extreme Metal. Good place to meet bands which are on tour in Japan!
Opening hours: daily from 19.00 til late
Address: Shinsaibashi Atrium Bldg 3F
City: Osaka
Country: Japan
Phone Number: 06-6244-6969
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On 16 Oct 2011 By nathan85
"I went in here on a saturday night - paid 1500JPY (about £12) to get in (which includes 1 drink). Wondered why there was no metal music being played. I was told that it's only the 3rd saturday of the month or something that they play metal. Fine I thought, there should be some decent rock. 1 really well-known Aerosmith song amongst just general pop I think it was. I lasted about 2 drinks. It's a small club and was pretty packed though, also a bit of a meat-market, so if you're up for that kind of thing it could be perfect for you. If you're into metal, unless you're there on the right day, you could be fed up. Go to Crunch bar in Umeda instead."

Located in: Osaka