A nice and very atmospheric Metal & Rock bar playing classic tracks, new tunes and requests. You can enjoy the favorite CD/DVD's or your own, and can play the guitar.
Opening hours: 1900-0500
Address: Universe-Kaikan 3F, 138 Tominaga-cho,Higashiyama-ku
City: Kyoto-shi
Postcode: 605-0078
Country: Japan
Phone Number: 090 1899 2409
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On 16 Oct 2011 By nathan85
Small and metal
"This is a relatively small local place, like a lot of metal bars in Japan. I was in on a weeknight and it was just me, Maaya the bartender, and another local. We had very limited communication skills but if you know your music the conversation can still last a while. also there's a DVD screen so if you want to watch something and he has it, it'll go on. And a huge cd collection aswell. Nice selection of alcohol, and if you want they'll order in food for you, so you don't have to go anywhere if you're hungry. great place!"

Located in: Kyoto