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zopilote said the following about Nightfall on 07/04/14: Nightfall is probably the smallest (shop size, not assortment size!) of the metal shops in San José ...

zopilote said the following about Mora Books on 07/04/14: Beforehand: I didn't talk to the owner (about metal-related stuff) because I found the place by acci ...

zopilote said the following about Legacy on 07/04/14: The Legacy Store (not related to the magazine of the same name) is a really great music store in the ...

zopilote said the following about Imsomnio on 07/04/14: I have been to the first of the "Insomnio"-Shops mentioned in the description (their cloth shop at t ...

Luke said the following about A Metal Bar called Ebrietas on 07/04/14: Cosy bar was there 2 times the last time I was in Zurich. Obviously one of the best places we foun ...

06 Apr 2014


06 Apr 2014


03 Apr 2014

El Piston

01 Apr 2014