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Istorik86 said the following about K 17 on 19/08/14: Great live bands! Great! Simply a good mix of extreme Metal and for the pansies of you out there...e ...

Istorik86 said the following about Last Cathedral on 19/08/14: Well, well, well. Seems like some tourists finaly got it, at least the trve core of Metal and even G ...

Istorik86 said the following about Blackland on 19/08/14: Well, the last time i was there...was grimm epic! Good ol' black and death music. Have to watch out ...

opendefiance said the following about Hawthorne Theatre on 03/08/14: This venue is awesome to play and go to shows at. We played there not too long ago and they run kill ...

Hell Yeah said the following about Escobar on 30/07/14: It is almost the living room for many of the regulars who are of many nationalities. But a living r ...

27 Aug 2014

Muziekcafe Elpee

24 Aug 2014

Nuclear Nightclub

06 Aug 2014

Tiki Bar and Grill

03 Aug 2014

Ash St Saloon