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Joy.Mcx said the following about Inside Rock Café on 20/01/15: I stopped in this bar in a week day so it was a bit empty but still, I could speak with the barmaid ...

Abovethetribe said the following about Club Noir on 18/01/15: The club is in the center of the city, you can reach it easily in five minutes walkng from Praça do ...

Beastie said the following about Olde Dog & Partridge on 13/01/15: friendly staff. great internet jukebox. good beer.

mattias.vik said the following about Private Hell Club on 06/01/15: It has moved to the Old town, it's a bit smaller than before it moved, but it's the only metal place ...

Luke said the following about Sex Beat / Black no1 on 05/01/15: the Hairdresser is closed.

26 Jan 2015

Ironhorse Rock and ...

17 Jan 2015

The Joiners Arms

13 Jan 2015

The Black Swan

13 Jan 2015

Black Sky Brewery